It’s All Journalism: That time of year when reporters count backwards


Casey Kasum made a career out of counting backwards. For decades, the famous deejay counted down the top songs of the week on his American Top 40 radio show.

Every December, reporters of all stripes begin counting down their top stories of the year. Heck, we here at It’s All Journalism did that just last week when we counted down our Top 10 podcast episodes of 2017.

Readers like these year-end lists and reporters appreciate the chance to recycle content and try to put it into some type of context.

In the spirit of counting backwards, Jason Fraley, entertainment editor at WTOP in Washington, D.C., and the co-host of the Capital Culture podcast joined It’s All Journalism producer Michael O’Connell in studio to count down the top movies of 2017. The pair discuss their favorite films, the top grossing movies of the year, movie criticism and how digital streaming has impacted the movie-going experience.

Jason Fraley’s Top 10 for 2017

  1. Mudbound
  2. Get Out
  3. Lady Bird
  4. The Post
  5. The Big Sick
  6. Wind River
  7. I, Tonya
  8. Dunkirk
  9. Darkest Hour
  10. Wonder Woman

Full coverage of Fraley’s Top 10 movies for 2017 can be found on WTOP.