L.A. Alternative Press Goes Weekly, Shortens Name to the L.A. Alternative

November 21, 2005–FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On Friday, December 2nd, L.A. Alternative Press will relaunch as a weekly newspaper with expanded coverage and distribution under the new, shorter name, the L.A. Alternative. The L.A. Alternative Press has been covering the best of alternative Los Angeles for nearly four years and will continue its homegrown political and cultural coverage of the city under its new name.

Now the publication providing the sharpest, most engaging indie coverage in Los Angeles will shift from a biweekly to a weekly schedule, placing it squarely in competition with the two other alternative weeklies in Los Angeles — but, unlike those chain publications, the renamed L.A. Alternative will remain decidedly independent.

Publisher and co-founder Martin Albornoz, a Los Angeles native, has been an independent publisher for over 10 years. “Los Angeles needs an independent non-corporate, home grown publication like the L.A. Alternative,” he says. “In our current political climate, it’s important to have an authentic voice that isn’t governed by a need to maximize profits. Politically, the Los Angeles Times has taken a shift to the right, and the L.A. Weekly, newly acquired by the Arizona-based New Times Inc., will most likely shift to the right as well. We are really the only progressive voice left in Los Angeles.”

The editorial tone will be set by current Editor-in-Chief, Lesley Bargar [Filter Magazine, Filter Mini], who has her finger on the pulse of the independent music and arts scene in Southern California and beyond.

With a sense of humor, an incisive political eye and cultural coverage that’s really on the cutting-edge, the L.A. Alternative will bring the city’s readers what they’ve been missing for a while now: true satisfaction with their local alternative weekly.

To celebrate the launch, the L.A. Alternative will host a party at Hollywood’s King King on December 4, 2005. The evening will include musical performances by el ten eleven, Monsters are Waiting, and a surprise headliner. More event details to come, as well as RSVP information.

For more information, contact:
Martin Albornoz
LA Alternative Press
ph: 323-767-1010 ext. 4
fax: 323-767-1012

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