LA Weekly Goes Daily During Democratic Convention

Weekly paper plans to publish four daily editions this week.

As the Democrats roll into the City of Angels, LA Weekly is prepared to embark on an unprecedented journey: For the next four days, the paper will publish on a daily schedule.

According to Village Voice Media (VVM) Executive Vice President Michael Sigman, the paper will begin its daily coverage today — the opening day of the convention — and will continue through Thursday, when the regular weekly edition hits the street. LA Weekly is one of the seven AAN papers owned by VVM.

Sigman said he and his team have been interested in providing daily coverage of the convention since it was first announced that L.A. would be the host. “It’s going to be a fascinating week,” Sigman said. “There’s the Shadow Convention, the protestors. And it’s LA, which is a wacky, wild place.”

In addition to its enhanced convention coverage, Sigman said the paper will have a booth at the Staples Center and will host a political film festival.