Legal Corner: Unhappy Interns Up In Arms About Unpaid Internships

The “Legal Hotline Live!” session at last month’s AAN conference in Miami was well attended and full of interesting questions, but I was hit with one question I couldn’t fully answer. I was also asked this question repeatedly outside that session; it seems to be THE legal concern of the moment for many alt-weeklies:

What can you tell me about these internship lawsuits?

I was originally going to write a summary or article here but then decided this had enough widespread interest that I’d just post it to my firm’s blog and then let you all know about it here. So you can read my post on the world famous CommLawBlog to learn more about how these cases are changing – perhaps threatening entirely – unpaid internships as we know them, as well as offering some food for thought about what you might need to know to adjust to this new internship world order.

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