Long Island Press Wins 23 New York Press Association Awards

The Long Island Press picked up a whopping 23 awards from the New York Press Association last weekend. Eleven of those were first-place honors, including the top award for Editorial Excellence:

“The Press has a posse of great writers/reporters,” wrote NYPA board members regarding the Press‘ Stuart C. Dorman Award for Editorial Excellence win. “The writing in this newspaper ranges from excellent to vivid description. The stories are well-researched and thorough. The newspaper demonstrates clarity and understanding of local issues.

“The contest judges raved about this newspaper’s coverage of Hurricane Sandy,” they continued. “New York’s community newspapers overall did an amazing job covering the superstorm in hellish conditions. Many newspapers and their employers lived and worked without power, running water, gasoline or heat, and we salute all of them. The judges said the coverage provided by the Long Island Press was not only clear, timely and comprehensive; it was also beautifully designed, included lists of places to get help, and was amazing in its depth and breadth.”

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