Maui Time Publisher Videotapes His Own Assault by Police

“On the evening of April 12, I was assaulted by a member of reality star Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman’s security team,” Maui Time publisher Tommy Russo writes. “Soon after, I was assaulted again, and had my First Amendment rights violated, by a member of the Maui Police Department.”

Russo was harassed by both Chapman’s people and the police for shooting video, which he has posted to YouTube. The video clearly shows the police officer getting angry and jabbing at Russon after Russo turned the camera on him. “I just got hit in the mouth by you,” Russo says afterward.

He writes:

Bottom line: because I attempted the completely legal act of recording on public property I was shoved, hit, had my property taken and was prevented from accessing emergency services. Once “help” arrived, I was further assaulted and had my Constitutional rights violated.

This type of injustice cannot, and should not, stand. The police are supposed to serve and protect. When they fail in that duty, they must be held accountable.