Metro Pulse Makes a Few Staffing Changes

Staff writer Chris Barrett moves on (again), and former editor Jesse Fox Mayshark returns after six years at The New York Times

It is with no small displeasure that Metro Pulse must announce the departure of staff writer Chris Barrett. This was Chris’ second tour of duty with the paper — he originally joined up in 1993 and put in five formative years before moving on to other cities and a career in documentary filmmaking and video production. Then, just when we needed him, he returned to Knoxville with his wife Molly Moran in 2008 for another stint.

Even when examining difficult issues, Chris’ stories always found something to be positive about, and he’s made a quiet career of being Knoxville’s most subtle booster. But when a new venture beckoned, Chris could not refuse, and he now creates new media and educational content for a health-care- related non-profit in Farragut, Tenn.

Taking up residence in his office will be another returning all- star, former Metro Pulse editor Jesse Fox Mayshark. Jesse first became a staffer here in 1997 as senior editor, then became the editor in 2000, and finally left in 2002 for a New York adventure with his wife, Julie. There, he joined The New York Times as an editor in its news service department, also contributing to its Arts section as a writer. But, after seven years and two children, the Maysharks have decided to return to Knoxville, and Jesse will become the paper’s new managing editor. We’re confident that their decision will be a boon to Metro Pulse, and to Knoxville.

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