Miami New Times Considering MLB Request for Documents

Miami New Times editor Chuck Strouse says the paper has not yet decided whether to allow Major League Baseball investigators to view documents which indicate that star players have received performance-enhancing drugs from a Miami clinic.

The documents were the centerpiece of a January 31 cover story by Tim Elfrink which quickly ricocheted across national sports media, including major outlets such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

Strouse tells the New York Times he expects to make a decision within the next week:

Strouse said he had been working on a column on the tricky issue of how to handle the records, which, according to his paper, contain the names of baseball stars including [Alex] Rodriguez and at least a half-dozen others. Strouse said he had considered other cases, trying to find a parallel, but had not found anything quite like this situation.

“Major League Baseball is the only one that can really hand down discipline, but Major League Baseball is a business,” Strouse said, adding that another concern was the fact that many people grew up knowing and loving baseball.

All of that adds up to a “particularly thorny issue” for the newspaper, he said, in deciding how to proceed.

The paper has already posted redacted versions of the documents in a blog post.

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