Missoula Independent Announces New Editor

The Missoula Independent has named alt-weekly veteran Robert Meyerowitz as its new editor.

Meyerowitz has previously been editor-in-chief at the Anchorage Press, New Times Broward-Palm Beach, and (briefly) Honolulu Weekly.

“We’re very excited to have Robert joining us at the Indy,” publisher Lynne Foland said. “He has a solid journalism background but, just as importantly, he’s got an inquiring mind, a passion for what he does and a great sense of humor – all important qualities to us at the paper.”

In addition to his alt-weekly background, Meyerowitz has also served stints as a foreign correspondent for AP Radio and NPR in Central America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

He took the helm of the Missoula, Mont. alt-weekly on April 4, replacing previous editor Skylar Browning.

“I’ve driven through Montana a fair amount, en route from Alaska, and always thought, ‘God, I’d love to live here,’” Meyerowitz says. “That I actually do now—and that I get to do what I love at a paper like the Indy—is probably more happiness than anyone deserves.”