Monday Goes Glossy on Thursday


John Threlfall, acting editor
382-6188, ext. 137

Bill Macadam, publisher
382-6188, ext 165

VICTORIA–Who doesn’t need a make over every now and then? Take Monday Magazine. Since 1975, we’ve been providing Victoria with alternative news, views and entertainment on a weekly basis–and now that we’re heading into our 32nd year of publication, we thought it was high time to jazz things up a bit. And so, for the first time in Monday’s history, we’re making the jump to a glossy cover.

“We’ve experienced steady growth for the last several years and frankly have been held back by the limitations of a newsprint cover,” says publisher Bill Macadam. “This investment in a glossy cover will take Monday to a more magazine-like presentation. Many a great cover concept has lost its ’sizzle’ on newsprint.”

“In a nutshell, we’re talking about the essential dichotomy of Monday,” says acting editor John Threlfall. “Are we a newspaper or a magazine? Hardly an issue goes by when we don’t ask ourselves that … hopefully, this will take us a step closer to resolving that question.”

“Readers will also notice a few changes on the inside as well. In addition to a cleaner format, we’re now sporting a contents page for the first time since 1983. “The addition of a contents page directly addresses Monday’s growth,” says Macadam. “When we were a scrappy little 28-page paper, it wasn’t a big deal to find what you wanted. But now that Monday is regularly 40-48 pages long, we thought a contents page was a must for readers.”

“For more than three decades, Monday has been as much a part of Victoria as theatre, live music or political controversy and readers have continued to pick us up weekly, regardless how we look. (Hands up if you remember the days when we used to start the lead story on the cover!) And we’ve always kept pace with the changes to the city itself. “We don’t want to be pigeon-holed,” says Macadam. “We are going to remain fun, informative, alternative and unpredictable.”

“Cleaner, bigger, glossier. Check out Monday Magazine (now smudge-free!) this Thursday, November 2.