Monday Magazine Loses Editor

Monday Magazine editor John Threlfall is stepping down to accept a position at the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

Threlfall has worked for the Victoria, B.C. alt-weekly for eleven years, a period during which he was honored in the Arts Feature category of AAN’s AltWeekly Awards.

A press release notes that Monday Magazine will be celebrating its 35th anniversary in a special issue at the end of the year. Threlfall joked, “That’s one deadline I can live without”:

“During my tenure here, I’ve been the calendar editor, the arts editor, our primary in-house theatre critic and, for the past four and a half years, the guy in the big chair,” says Threlfall. “It’s time someone else brought their vision to the paper.”

Of his new position in academia, Threlfall says, “It’s ideal for me, as it keeps me in the arts scene and still lets me write, but effectively cuts my work week in half . . . for the same pay.”

Monday Magazine has yet to name Threlfall’s replacement.

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