Monday Magazine to Unveil New Look April 14

Apr 06, 2011

VICTORIA — On April 14, the evolution of Victoria’s alternative voice for 35 years takes another step forward.

Monday Magazine is shaking off the dust to deliver a crisp, new design and updated content that better reflects its role as Victoria’s alternative voice — one that echoes the ever-evolving taste, excitement, enthusiasm, and inspiration of our readers.

“Don’t fear, we know not to mess with an institution our loyal readers have come to love and trust,” says editor Grant McKenzie. “Our writers will continue to dissect and cover a wide range of topics with stories that spark discussion and deliver entertaining insights. With an emphasis on the personalities that make our city unique, Monday embodies 35 years of innovative thinking with a smart updating in presentation of diverse topics anchored on three major areas: news, entertainment, and lifestyle.”

With a storyteller’s heart and an independent outlook, Monday aims to inspire and enlighten with a hearty dose of humour and reading enjoyment.

You will discover:

  • A front cover that pops with arresting photography and intriguing design sure to make you snap it up before delving inside.
  • Editor’s Note: Grant McKenzie’s unique and personal take on the city and the people he meets along the way.
  • The Week: Our news editor’s picks of the local events that deserve more attention — served with a side of bite.
  • Weekly Report Card: Get an F and everyone will be talking. Get an A and they’ll cheer.
  • Feature: The story that will have everyone talking.
  • Opinion: Our new Opinion page is packed with Monday’s unique take on provincial, federal and municipal politics, plus a weekly poll to gauge the readers’ pulse.
  • City Something: Our arts’ editor’s top picks for the week’s best entertainment.
  • Arts & Culture: Our writers provide insight and a critical eye into what makes Victoria’s art scene so lively.
  • Film & Cinema: One of the last remaining local film reviewers for opinion you can trust.
  • Book reviews: An army of critics will be given voice to cover our exciting literary scene.
  • Tech Toys: A look at the geekiest, sleekest and most intriguing of all the new technical marvels of the day.
  • Calendar of Events: Still the best in the city, made easier to read.
  • Georgia Nicols: Readers love her, and we do, too.