Monkey Media Moves to the City

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Monkey Media moves to the City

The owners of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, biweekly alternative newspaper The Strip this month announced the launch of a new product — the monthly City Magazine.

City’s first issue hit the streets November 20, with a cleaner design, higher production values, and an increased focus on local writers and local issues. City will replace The Strip, the last issue of which ran November 6.

“This town is a very different place from what it was five years ago, when we started publishing The Strip. We wanted to create a new publication that reflects all the ways our community is changing,” said Brooks Cloud, publisher.

Cloud believes the return to a monthly format and an increased focus on “good writing by interesting local people” will be successful.

“This is something unique in this market. It retains all of the things The Strip did best — essays, commentary, humor, in-depth cover stories. It’s a good read, it looks great, and the feedback we’ve gotten so far has been fantastic,” Cloud said.

City Magazine is published by Monkey Media. The Tuscaloosa-based company consists of City and the Tuscaloosa Business Ink, a monthly business journal. Each has a circulation of 10,000 — City through free pick-up distribution points, and the Business Ink via subscription. Monkey Media is owned by Cloud; Will Harris, advertising director; and Lisa Eno, editor.