net-linx Introduces New Licensing and Payment Plans

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April, 2007
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Sacramento, April, 2007 – net-linx is pleased to announce new licensing and purchasing options for its product lines. Effective immediately, newspapers can purchase entire systems or modules using “Operating Payment Plans” designed to relieve the pressure on capital purchases.

Instead of big, up-front, capital expenditures, which have complex budgeting and accounting implications, papers can opt for payment plans that bundle software and support and spread the payments out over a period of time. Plans can cover the purchase of the solution, or just the use of the software.

“Capital purchases often require a 7 year write-off period, which is often far too long in today’s rapidly changing market place” said Albert de Bruijn, net-linx’ Executive VP. “This puts huge pressure on newspapers to pick software that will withstand future changes. Our new payments plans are not only easier on the cash flow, they allow newspapers to take on new solutions more aggressively with the ease of mind they can change if the market demands it, without the high costs” he said.

Some newspapers, such as the West Australian Newspapers (WAN) in Perth, Australia, have already taken advantage of this by upgrading their advertising system.

Many newspapers find themselves in a situation with great conflict of interest. On the one hand they need new solutions NOW, to tackle the revenue pressures they face today. On the other hand, reduced revenues make capital purchases harder to justify.

While capital purchases will remain an option, net-linx’ new payment options introduce a flexible alternative in today’s challenging market.

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