New Ad Network Launched With Nonprofit Ad

AAN’s new eighth-page display ad network, known as AAN BRAN, published its first network-wide ad the week of Dec. 8. The ad, from the charity Direct Relief International, ran in scores of papers across the country and was sold by Evan Wells of the Santa Barbara Independent.

AAN BRAN (Big Reach Ad Network) was developed by AAN’s Advertising Committee and endorsed by the Board of Directors to help make up for the loss of revenue suffered by the AAN CAN classified network over the last 12 months. AAN BRAN is a display-ad program with a maximum of an 1/8-page being donated by AAN member papers each week. Seventy percent of the revenue from the ad goes to AAN, and 30 percent goes back to the paper that sold it as a sales commission.

While AAN CAN is not going away, revenue from newspaper classifieds has declined significantly in the last several years, and many analysts predict it might not come back. AAN BRAN also allows AAN to target different advertisers than would participate in AAN CAN. AAN hopes that by implementing this new program, the association can maintain popular programs and services while keeping dues low. Thus far, most AAN members are on board with the new program.

Members are strongly encouraged to pursue the individual revenue potential available from AAN BRAN sales. Sales are coordinated by the AAN office and members wishing to participate should notify AAN.

For more information on either AAN BRAN or AAN CAN, contact AAN’s marketing director, Rick Mundy, at rmundy (at) or 202-289-8484.

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