New Editor Takes Over at AAN News

Fazzone Leaves to Take Position With University Press Newswire.

Former community newspaper reporter Christine Iwan took over today as the editor of AAN News. Iwan replaces former Editor Amanda Fazzone, who left AAN to pursue a career as a newswire editor.

Iwan agreed last month to accept the position as AAN’s Editor. After more than two years of covering crime at a medium-size daily in Northern Virginia, she opted to leave the glamorous life of a community reporter for the chance to report on the alternative newspaper industry.

In July, Fazzone will begin her position as the arts editor of U-WIRE, the nation’s only free newswire to college media outlets. Fazzone will leave the Washington, D.C. area to help launch U-WIRE’s new New York arts and entertainment bureau.

U-WIRE offers its content to professional media outlets around the country, including syndication partners Dow Jones Interactive, Excite, Lexis-Nexis, USA Today, Washington Week in Review and Yahoo!

Iwan’s e-mail address at AAN is Fazzone can be reached at

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