New Times BPB Exposes Dubious Work of Ramsey Journalist

While the nation’s media focused on the arrest of John Mark Karr, New Times Broward-Palm Beach reported last Friday that this is not the first time Colorado University professor Michael Tracey has claimed to have solved the JonBenet Ramsey case — with dubious results.

For years, New Times editor Tony Ortega writes, a group of dedicated Internet sleuths at “Forums for Justice” has been trying to get word out that Tracey’s documentaries are filled with errors and falsehoods. In 2004, for example, Tracey announced that police were searching for a new “prime suspect” in the murder case. But the sleuths determined that not only were police not seeking the man, he had not even been in the state of Colorado at the time JonBenet Ramsey was killed.

Just hours after the New Times story was posted at 1 p.m. Friday afternoon, Tracey announced that he was no longer giving media interviews on the Karr arrest.

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Tony Ortega
Editor, New Times Broward-Palm Beach