NOW Files Integrity Complaint Against Toronto Mayor

The publishers of NOW Magazine have filed a complaint with Toronto’s integrity commissioner in response to Mayor Rob Ford’s alleged attempt to have all copies of the March 31 edition of the magazine removed from city facilities.

The issue featured several Photoshopped images of the mayor in various states of undress, including one that landed on the cover, as part of the story “The Naked Truth About Rob Ford.”

The affidavit asserts that any attempt by the mayor’s office to remove copies of NOW from city property amounts to a violation of the Code of Conduct for Members of City Council. If the integrity commissioner agrees with NOW‘s complaint, Ford could face a reprimand or the suspension of his pay for up to 90 days.

“This is a disturbing infringement on the right to free expression and speaks to a careless disregard for democracy in the highest office of city government,” NOW editor and CEO Alice Klein says. “We have a right to know who ordered this infringement of our democratic rights and to see that there are consequences for those who are responsible for this outrageous act.”