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Michael Jensen or Jim Poyser
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Indianapolis, Indiana, Annapolis, Maryland, and Scotsburn, Nova Scotia — More than two years after founding the world’s first website to “humor the horror of environmental collapse,” the ApocaDocs comedic duo have released a book that distills both the horror and the humor, entitled Converging Emergencies: 2010-2020.

In this short, terrifying tract, Docs Jim and Michael address what they see as the nearly inevitable confluence of collapses occurring over the next decade — address it, that is, with their customary iconoclastic, and sometimes slapstick, humor.

Based on their years of research, the ApocaDocs illuminate some of the horrific, human-created tipping points. Global warming and industrial toxins are combining to create a fragile environment, yet in some parts of the world, the status quo still seems OK; thus need to educate — via entertainment — about our planet-wide predicament.

This book is available for free in various forms, including:

  • .epud eBook
  • .pdf eBook
  • one HTML file

Donation options to support the book are also available.

The ApocaDocs’ Converging Emergencies: 2010-2020 is no joke. Its subject matter is just so awful you almost have to laugh.


Michael Jensen has been online since the days of TELNET, and has been a leader in digital academic publishing nearly as long. He recently purchased a 100-acre farm in northerly climes of Nova Scotia.

Jim Poyser is managing editor of NUVO newsweekly, an AAN paper in Indianapolis where he rides a bike to work every day. He is a journalist, essayist, haiku poet, playwright, and screen and fiction writer. He’s a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Society of Environmental Journalists.

Jim and Michael met thirty years ago in college in Bloomington, Indiana, and became instant friends. Their earliest joint projects included performance art, video, and theatre. Now living 500 miles apart, they have found a way to continue their creative collaboration, while educating others (and themselves) about the ongoing destruction of earth’s habitat — with


The web’s only daily-fed site documenting the slow collapse of our underlying natural infrastructure — via humor — since the beginning of 2008.

The melting of the Arctic… the invasive Asian carp heading toward the Great Lakes… flame retardants contaminating penguins, Tasmanian devils, whales… Rain Forest depletion… dead zones… rising temperatures… acidifying oceans… multiple species extinctions…

Alas, most people tend to turn away from these kinds of stories. The ApocaDocs, Michael Jensen and Jim Poyser, puzzled long and hard on how to entice people into paying attention to our planet’s alarming deterioration.

Their answer is, a website documenting the slow collapse of our underlying natural infrastructure — using levity, sarcasm and absurdity to “humor the horror of environmental collapse.”

Each day, Michael and Jim locate indicator stories from around the world, and find a way to twist it to fun.

The ApocaDocs identify the villains and heroes, jape at the absurdities, showcase organizations, and suggest paths of positive change.

And now they add “Converging Emergencies” to their site, a free product that readers can read and mull over, panic and run from the room, then decide how they can contribute to the planet’s recovery.

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