Ogg’s World Cartoonist Redefines Beatles With ‘What If’ Web Project

March 16, 2008

Doug Ogg
(360) 510-4429
doug (at) oggsworld.com

Ogg’s World cartoonist Doug Ogg has just created a new world in cyberspace dedicated to the solo careers of the Beatles.

“Everyone knows and loves the Beatles,” says Ogg, “but people are much less familiar with the great work that John, Paul, George, and Ringo went on to create following the break up of the group.

“My approach is unique, in that I encourage people to think of this as still being Beatles material. What I’ve done is pick the best songs and then packaged them into what I think makes the case for nine ‘new’ Beatle albums.”

The albums, which compile tracks from across various sources and time periods, also feature free downloadable cover designs.

While the Beatles catalog is not yet available online, all of the solo material is, both as individual songs and complete albums.

BeatlesReunited.com provides information on where all of the source tracks may be found as well as album discographies for all four.

In addition to the playlists, and notes on individual tracks, BeatlesReunited.com also presents essays on various topics, including the question of what genuinely constitutes a “true” Beatles song.

As one example, Ogg cites “The Ballad Of John & Yoko,” which was written solely by John Lennon, and only features Lennon and Paul McCartney performing the track. “Now contrast this with ‘I’m The Greatest’ from the RINGO album,” he adds, “which was written by John,and features both Ringo and George Harrison — with the 5th Beatle — Billy Preston thrown in for good measure.”

Ogg credits a quote from John Lennon as the inspiration for this project. “Lennon once remarked that if one wanted to know what a new Beatles album would be like, they should try listening to the solo albums,” said Ogg. “As a teenager I took this one step further and began making cassette compilations of solo Beatles material. And now, with the web, I can share this interest with my fellow fans worldwide.”

Ogg’s World currently appears in alternative newsweeklies across the United States and Canada, including Seven Days, Columbia Free Times, Sacramento News & Review, Monday Magazine, and Cascadia Weekly.