Orlando Weekly Website Honored by Daily Trade Org

AAN Paper Wins Edgie from Newspaper Association of America.

The Orlando Weekly won a Digital Edge Award (“Edgie”) from the Newspaper Association of America’s Connections 99 electronic media conference in Chicago July 16. The award, for Best Feature Presentation (meaning the paper’s site as a whole), is especially noteworthy as the competition in this category was not broken down by circulation; thus Orlando Weekly beat newspapers with considerably deeper pockets.

OW online manager Jennifer Kijek said, “In an industry full of well-funded city guides, I’m thrilled that the NAA recognized an alternative newsweekly for this award.”

According to Rob Runett of the NAA, the judging was based on the following criteria: “Amount accomplished the most with the means at hand (use of available resources); efforts in leading their newspapers (or their industry) into interactivity; ground broken in hotly competitive environment.” The judges also made special mention of Orlando Weekly’s relatively small circulation (50,000).