Philadelphia City Paper Bids Farewell

For the final issue of Philadelphia City Paper, writers Emily Guendelsberger and Jerry Iannelli give a send off like no other: An absurdist play based on real interviews with alt industry characters past and present, including Susan Orlean, Steven T. Jones, Anthony Clifton, Andy Van De Voorde, and Louis Black.

Music editor Patrick Rapa writes about the importance of music coverage within City Paper‘s overall mission: “We didn’t go for easy jokes or knee-jerk pandering. That was for the other guys. We wanted our covers to mean something. We hoped that when you saw an artist on the cover you’d never heard of … you knew it was because we thought they were worth your time.”

Over at the Columbia Journalism Review, Valerie Vande Panne reports on the campaign to keep City Paper‘s web archives alive.

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