Pitch Weekly Now “The Pitch”

Old name never caught on

Kansas City’s alternative newsweekly has surrendered to the common nomenclature and officially changed its name to The Pitch.

“Everyone in town already calls us The Pitch, so the new name won’t change anything,” Editor C.J. Janovy says in an e-mail to AAN News. “It might make us sound a bit less stuffy, I suppose.”

When the paper went to weekly publication in 1993, it became Pitch Weekly, but the name never really caught on, Janovy says.

“What started as the Penny Pitch in 1980 became KC Pitch in 1982 and just plain Pitch in ’89,” an article in the July 4-10 issue says.

“Now we’re officially going back to the name everyone already calls us ? when they’re not calling us all sorts of other names,” the article says.