Pittsburgh City Paper Launches New Look in the New Year

PITTSBURGH, PA – Pittsburgh City Paper, the city’s leading arts & entertainment newsweekly, kicks off 2011 and its 20th year anniversary with a redesigned logo, layout and added features.

The first major change readers will notice in tomorrow’s issue is that an updated text logo has replaced the CP logo that has branded the publication since 1997. City Paper Art Director Lisa Cunningham says, “I personally wanted it clean and simple, but timely… I don’t want [it] to feel dated next year or even five years from now.”

The layout of the paper in general will also see changes. The new City Paper is moving towards a more vertical layout to emulate a magazine format.

Long feature stories will be replaced in favor of shorter articles to allow a greater variety of content within each section. New features will also be introduced into various sections while less popular topics will be removed. All of the favorite syndicated sections will remain intact: Savage Love, News of the Weird, the crossword puzzle, astrology and Idiot Box.

Editor Chris Potter says, “In the weeks and months ahead, readers will see expanded features and a broader pool of contributors – a mix of established local voices and emerging talent. Our goal throughout has been to create a publication like Pittsburgh itself: familiar and friendly, but still able to take you by surprise.”

Pittsburgh City Paper continues to be one of the most read newspapers/magazines in Western Pennsylvania, second only to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (361,000 readers versus the PG’s 423,800).* Over the past 10 years, City Paper has almost doubled its distribution network, won numerous awards for outstanding journalism and has been a leader in adopting new technology to better serve its readers and advertisers. This year marks City Paper’s 20th Anniversary: 1991-2011.

*Source 2010 Mar – August Scarborough

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