Pulp Syndicate Offers Post-9/11 Report at Half-Price to AAN Members

In this special feature exclusive only to www.pulpsyndicate.com, reporters ask prominent thinkers, authors, activists and others about the continued grasp the 9/11 terrorist attacks have over today’s political and social dialogue.

A short essay ties together original writing by and brief interviews with nationally syndicated columnist Robert Scheer, actor John C. Reilly, international terrorism expert Richard Dekmejian, Marijuana Policy Project executive director Robert Kampia, activist/convicted domestic terrorist Sherman Austin, actress Neve Campbell, Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, novelists Helena Maria Viramontes and Charles Baxter, National Center for Lesbian Rights director Kate Kendall, sex therapist and TV host Dr. Susan Block and many more. Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and others are attempting to make late entries Friday if time permits.

A great sidebar, Pulp is offering an exclusive column on President Bush’s military service record by Greg Palast as well as another short piece by actor Ed Asner and former national security analyst Burt Hall.

Art may be available by calling (323) 663-7833.

Stories, which can be edited for size, will be ready for syndication mid-afternoon or earlier on Friday, Sept. 3, for publication preceding the third anniversary of 9/11.

AAN member half-price cost: 2 cents per word for papers under 40,000 circulation; 3.5 cents per word for papers under 80,000 circ; and 5 cents per word all other members. For more information, call Joe Piasecki at (818) 720-7118 or Kurt Thomas at (323) 663-7833.