Random Lengths News Publisher Named ‘Peacemaker of the Year’

The local peace group SPNPJ has named James Preston Allen, publisher of Random Lengths News, as Peacemaker of the Year 2008 in recognition of the consistent coverage by his paper of the peace community, for his critical editorials and for the newspaper’s hard hitting exposes of the lies and war profiteering of the war on Iraq and Afghanistan.

On May 18, 2008 San Pedro Neighbors for Peace & Justice (SPNPJ) will hold its annual Peacemaker of the Year Awards ceremony. The awards will take place at the home of Mutlu Ugur at 2008 Averill Ave, San Pedro, at 4-8 pm. A donation of $15 per person is requested. Refreshments will be served. The public is invited. For more information about the awards or about SPNPJ please call 310-316-1567.

The Peacemaker of the Year Award recognizes unsung heroes in the struggle for peace. The stories of awardees in the past four years have illustrated the many faceted struggles for peace unrecognized by the corporate, for-profit media that dominates our society. Through courage and conviction Peacemaker of the Year awardees have made a difference in our community. SPNPJ’s recognition of these individuals is part of our charter to build a powerful, multi-faceted movement for peace.

Funds raised at the Peacemaker Awards will be used to provide scholarships for a Summer Peace Camp for high school students, now in its 4th year. The camp will support and help sustain the work already being done on many South Bay campuses by high school peace clubs. The camp seeks to equip youth activists with a greater understanding of US History and reasons for war, sharpen their organizing skills, and widen their network of support. The camp also seeks to engage other South Bay high schools, and to pass the baton of leadership from senior high school students to juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. The camp will achieve these goals through a multi-disciplinary approach, with an emphasis on self-expression, trust and fun.

SPNPJ’s website is www.spneighbors.org.