Rizzi Named VP at Salt Lake City Weekly

Former New Times exec responsible for all revenue operations

For Immediate Release July 29, 2002.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — After a two-month search, Jim Rizzi has been named as Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Salt Lake City Weekly. His duties in Salt Lake City will mirror what he learned during his stellar career track while with Phoenix-based New Times, Inc.

Starting as a sales rep in Phoenix 20 years ago, Rizzi rose to publisher of three New Times papers, Denver Westword, SF Weekly, and most recently New Times LA. At the onset, Rizzi will be responsible for all revenue operations at Salt Lake City Weekly. It is expected that his role with the paper will expand and that he will gradually take responsibility of other newspaper operations as well.

“For our newspaper to attract an experienced and qualified candidate such as Rizzi validates what we’ve been saying all along, that Salt Lake City is one of the hidden gem markets in all of AAN-world. Rizzi recognized that very quickly and I’m looking forward to getting out of his way,” says Salt Lake City Weekly Publisher, John Saltas.

At 60,000 weekly circulation, Salt Lake City Weekly is the fourth largest newspaper in Utah. It is uniquely positioned as the dominant, independent voice in the area, and the addition of Rizzi bodes that the newspaper can create even more pages of the journalism it is noted for.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity at Salt Lake City Weekly,” says Rizzi. “I love the city — minutes from arguably the best skiing in the country, White Christmas’, and, coming from LA…NO TRAFFIC. The paper has a strong editorial product, is very respected in the community, and is well positioned for continued growth. I look forward to joining City Weekly’s talented, and committed staff to help further the paper’s success and development.”

Salt Lake City Weekly began publication (The Private Eye) as a mailed monthly newsletter in 1984. In late 1988 it began free, bulk-drop distribution as a bi-weekly and was admitted to AAN in 1989. It is currently celebrating its 10th year as a weekly publication. In 1997, Private Eye Weekly re-tooled as Salt Lake City Weekly. A free ‘thank you’ party that attracted thousands to downtown Salt Lake City in honor of the past ten years was held this past weekend.

Besides its strong reputation for contrarian opinion and investigative news stories, Salt Lake City Weekly is regarded as the primary cultural reference point for Utahns seeking life fulfillment in the here and now as opposed to the hereafter. Available at nearly 2,000 locations, City Weekly is available online at www.slweekly.com/.

Contact: John Saltas
(801) 575-7003