Robbins Appointed to Board Classified Chair

Following the Feb. 7 board meeting, AAN President Bill Towler appointed Independent Weekly Classified Manager Robby Robbins to the vacant Classified Chair.

Robbins, the most prolific seller of AAN CAN ads since the program was launched in October 1999, is charged with revitalizing the faltering classified network sales program.

“I am looking forward to working with all my classified colleagues to get this AAN CAN thing breathing again. I am so on it, promise,” Robbins says. “There is much to be done, much of which I can have in the works well before the annual convention. I do intend on seeking formal election to the board seat for the new term and believe that I can offer some good ideas and networking abilities to get us back, and keep us on track.”

Executive Director Richard Karpel reported to the Board that AAN CAN was more than 30 percent below budget in the first four months of the current fiscal year, and that if the trend continued the association would find itself with a $200,000 shortfall by the end of the year.