Roger “Hank” Thornhill Terminated in Stranger’s Get Out the Vote Initiative

Contact: Tim Keck 206-323-7101

SEATTLE, WA – Independent distribution contractor Roger “Hank” Thornhill was terminated earlier today when management for The Stranger discovered that he did not vote in the recent primary elections. Acknowledging to management that he had not voted, Mr. Thornhill, who had been working in The Stranger distribution department for three months, offered this excuse, “Jeez, I had a really busy day, and when I got home and turned on the tube I realized I’d spaced the whole thing.”

The firing of Mr. Thornhill was just the most recent action taken by The Stranger in the wake of an article written by Katie Millbauer, an investigative reporter working for the Seattle Weekly. The Seattle Weekly is the largest weekly newspaper in the city of Seattle.*

Reached at his fishing cabin in Cody, Wyoming, Tim Keck, President of Index Newspapers LLC, the company that owns The Stranger, commented on the firing of Mr. Thornhill by stating, “By the general election, the non-management staff of The Stranger will be one hundred percent voter!” When asked about his own lack of voter participation, Mr. Keck replied, “I’m powerful and wealthy, and I come from a powerful and wealthy family. In my family, voting just isn’t done.” As for the apparent failure of The Stranger’s Editor-in-Chief Dan Savage to also vote, Keck responded: “Mr. Savage, I believe, is a felon.”

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* (Note: “Largest” refers, of course, not to Seattle Weekly’s readership or page count, but to its debt.)