Ron Knight, Columnist & Writer, Joins AAN as Associate Member

Columnist and writer Ron Knight has joined AAN as an Associate Member:

Ron Knight’s slightly Left of Center, sometimes whimsical perspective
has been heard as the host of “The Opposition Party” on Sirius Left,
broadcast on Sirius Radio. As a young journalist, Ron pulled copy for
“Uncle Patrick’s Whacky News” as audio segments produced and read by
George Carlin’s older brother Patrick.

Ron has been heard as a national host for Arts & Entertainment, Bravo,
and Horizons networks branded radio, the voice of Nickelodeon, The
Travel Channel, ABC Sports, Universal and Disney properties.

As a columnist, he writes either “The American Dream” or other columns
for a variety of publications, and has been read in El Ojo Del Lago,
Lake Chapala Review, Pacific Sun, San Diego Reader and San Diego CityBeat,
Showcase USA, Bobit Publications, ULI’s the E-Zone, Expat Press, and
various digital blogs and e-pubs.

“Ron’s voice and perspective pieces sit nicely between The Onion and
The New Yorker, but he takes the tide of what’s being felt nationally,
and has no problem weaving it for the local reader.” — Alex Grattan
Dominguez, Editor

Why is it that what’s happening in this country is just like when
people go into the supermarket and grab a shopping cart. The cart
pulls to the left or the right, and for some reason, when the cart
pulls to the right, people will put up with that. But if the cart
pulls to the left, they’ll yell out “Damn It! I gotta get another
cart!” — Ron Knight