Saambaa Launches New Mobile Apps for Five AAN Member Publications


San Diego, CA. – saambaa recently launched their new mobile entertainment app platform for publishers with five AAN member publications: Pittsburgh City Paper, Tucson Weekly, Style Weekly, Folio Weekly and Jackson Free Press. The platform allows any publisher to add revenue by creating a powerful mobile app, which showcases local event and entertainment content. Saambaa’s first publisher to launch, Little Village in Iowa City, saw mobile ad sales approaching $5k in their first month; they expect to double that by year-end.

“This product really helps augment the revenue models for these businesses. We can help them increase mobile revenue by 10X.” Said saambaa CEO and co-founder, Matt Voigt. “Over 1.5 billion smartphones are used every day and the average user spends over two hours per day on them. Mobile websites are not enough – Nielsen reports that people prefer using apps over mobile browsers 5-to-1. This massive structural change in behavior has opened the door for new revenue possibilities for publishers. Our product helps publishers take advantage of this by providing technical and strategic resources they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.”

Saambaa does not charge fees for its platform. Publishers get their own unique, custom-branded iPhone and Android entertainment app as part of a revenue sharing partnership with the Company. And because it’s a revenue-sharing relationship, saambaa acts as an extension of the publisher’s team to ensure they’re not left alone to navigate the complexities of mobile.

About saambaa:
Saambaa’s apps leverage proprietary technology that gives readers the power to share listings with friends using text messages, emails and push notifications – sent by readers to their friends. Saambaa has deep mobile experience, with technology chosen by Apple from over 500,000 apps and featured in the App Store. This allows saambaa to be uniquely positioned to help the publishing industry transition into mobile with a best-in-class platform.

The name saambaa is inspired by the Brazilian tradition of music, dance, energy and people coming together – in-person – to have fun. Download some example publisher apps and discover more about saambaa at