Sales Webinar: Creating A Circle of Influence

AAN members are invited to a free webinar on Thursday, March 15, “Creating A Circle of Influence,” presented by Jacqui Sakowski.

Jacqui will discuss the networking strategies she has
used to build a successful career, explain the primary reasons for networking, and help us understand
how to be a more effective networker.

Jacqui will share practical tips on how to leverage LinkedIn to
reinforce your in-person networking activities to help you achieve
your career, business and life goals a lot faster.

Participants will also learn:

  • The most important reasons to build a professional network;

  • How to work a networking event more effectively;

  • The biggest reasons for networking failure;

  • To create a branded profile on LinkedIn that sends a clear message
    to contacts;

  • Interact with their network in ways that generate interest among
    known and unknown contacts;

  • Expand their presence in the circles in which they participate;

  • Connect their spheres of influence.


Title: Creating A Circle of Influencee

Date: Thursday, March 15
Time: 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific
Cost: Free for AAN Members
Presenter: Jacqui Sakowski, Sakowski Consulting