Salt Lake City Weekly Hires Classified Director

Marc Brancaccio joins City Weekly to fill the new position of Classified Director.

Marc has been with weekly newspapers for over ten years. He started off as a Retail Representative at the Flagpole in Athens, Georgia from 1994-1996. He then worked for New Times in Los Angeles first as a Classifieds Representative and was then promoted to Classified Director. From 2002-2003, he was Publisher for Pasadena Weekly. He was Classified Director at the Boston Phoenix for three years before finally landing at the Salt Lake City Weekly.

His leadership experience, sales skills and enthusiasm for technology, will be a welcomed addition at City Weekly. His job functions will be to help the paper keep abreast of the dynamically changing environment of Classifieds and continuing development of online sales efforts.

City Weekly is excited to have him aboard and intends to continue classifieds’ growth in this very competitive market.

Contact: Jim Rizzi


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