San Diego Reader Releases Posthumous Book by Former Editor

Judith Moore’s A Bad, Bad, Boy just released

Moore spent 10 years following the traces of Mafia hit man Frank Bompensiero, who came from Sicily via Milwaukee to L.A. and San Diego.

Moore, who passed away in 2006, was an NEA and Guggenheim fellow who wrote her memoir Fat Girl to much critical acclaim.

“I would read anything Judith Moore writes.” – Poet Laureate of the United States, Robert Hass

“Luckily for us, Judith Moore can’t think about nothing.” – Susan Cheever in the New York Times Book Review

“In the treacherous world of Mafia hit men, few characters proved shiftier than Frank ‘Bomp’ Bompensiero.” – the Mafia Encyclopedia

A Bad, Bad Boy
By Judith Moore
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From the first page of Bad Boy:

“Some evening, soon, if you are in San Diego, drive out to Pacific Beach. Be there about 8:15. The sun will have been down several hours. Across the sky every last orange and violet streak will be gone. Take a jacket. I forgot my jacket. I was cold. Bone cold. Turn south off Grand Avenue onto Lamont Street. Park along Lamont. Wander over to the gas station. The gas station, on your right, as you face away from the traffic along Grand. Back in 1977, a pay telephone stood along the side of this station. It was an Arco station then. Frank Bompensiero made his last telephone call here. ‘Dialed,’ someone told me, and then laughed a high-pitched crazy laugh, ‘his last number …'”

About the Author:

From the New York Times, May 25, 2006:
“Judith Moore, the author of Fat Girl, a searingly angry and widely praised memoir about being overweight, died on May 15 in Berkeley, Calif. She was 66.

“Writing in The New York Times Book Review, the author Jane Stern called the book ‘brilliant and angry and unsettling.’

“With her mordant humor and tart style, Ms. Moore was sometimes compared to another California writer, Joan Didion.”

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