Save the Dates! AAN September Webinar Schedule

Because learning is fun, we’ve got several webinars on tap for you in September. So save these dates.

Title: Integrating Fast, Data Rich Maps with MapBox

Date: Thursday, Sept. 13

Time: 2pm Eastern

Presenter: DevelopmentSeed

Description: One of the most effective ways of telling a story is to visualize it with images and maps. Online maps provide context, engage viewers with interactive features, and reveal stories by visualizing complex and simple data, as in this example visualizing US foreign held debt, and DCist weekend picks.

Join data analyst Dave Johnson of MapBox for 20 minutes to see the most common use cases for online maps, such as in blogs and news stories. These embedded maps can be made in less than 20 minutes from simple excel spreadsheets, or just created on the fly by dropping markers with descriptions. Time will be left at the end so people can ask about their own use cases.


Title: Mobile and App Provider Paperlit

Date: Friday, Sept. 14

Time: 2pm Eastern

Presenter: Aysling Digital Media Solutions

Description: What is your business strategy to retain and capture both new readers and perhaps more import how to capitalize on a new Ad revenue stream, without busting the budget? Join us for a free 30 minute presentation by Aysling Digital Media Solutions, where they will outline a cost effective strategy to engage with the iPad, Tablet and mobile market for readers and advertisers.

Topics include:

  • Simple replication of existing publication

  • Building a hybrid app to incorporate multi-media (e.g. Audio, Video, Image Gallery, etc.)

  • Facebook Social Reader integration

  • Generating new Advertising revenue stream

  • Adding Newstand and Paywalls


    Sept. 20: Mobile and App Provider: Publish88

    Sept. 21:

    Sept. 27: Mapbox how-to for Web staff