Secure Software Program Allows Musicians To Self-Publish

"Future Wheel™ Band" relies on “Future Wheel Code Packet™"

SAMMAMISH, WA — June 12, 2006 — A revolutionary secure software program allows musicians to self-publish their music on the Internet, and to be paid directly for sales.

“Future Wheel TM Band” was released today by Future Wheel. It’s now available at “Future Wheel TM Band” allows musicians to upload their music, music videos, and promotional material to Future Wheel’s website for distribution to the public through the internet*. This product enables musicians who have not been signed to finally get their material out to the public and get paid for the songs that buyers download. “Future Wheel™ Band” enables artists to set their pricing, as well as how much of a track buyers can preview for free.

Musicians also retain all rights to their music, and other than a small upload and storage fee, receive the full sales price of all songs and-or videos. During the promotion period, from now through the end of July 2006, the upload and storage fees are offered at no cost.

The program’s flexibility allows musicians to use their own web-sites, Future, or literally any web-site in the world. “Future Wheel TM Band” relies on “Future Wheel Code Packet™” to automatically generate the technology so these artists can take the same web presentation and post this throughout the world on any website. No matter where this packet resides on the internet people can listen to a preview of the artists’ song or track and then click on the buy button to purchase and download the entire song. It’s this built-in secure shopping cart that puts a lot of power in the hands of all artists.

“We want to empower artists. We want to help them start selling their music, promote their music, and make a profit from these sales. Future Wheel™ Band is for the solo artist up to full fledged bands that are established or ready to go. There is a huge base of extremely talented artists out there that simply cannot be picked up by record companies because only a select few are chosen each year. Now they have a very sophisticated way to not only get their music out to the market place but can now start earning money from sales of their music,” said Kerry Klockner, Future Wheel’s vice president of marketing and distribution.

“The Code Packet is emailed directly to the artist when they save their composition on Future Wheel™ Band with the click of a button. From there, it’s up to them. They can spread the word as wide as they want by going to web sites like,, and — just to name a few of many websites that allow users to post information. However, these musicians also get a web page dedicated to their music simply by registering and uploading their materials to using “Future Wheel™ Band.”

To celebrate the launch, is featuring “Midnight Son” and “Angela Hammontree” with all original music on Future Wheel’s home page, available for immediate purchase and download. In addition to the promotion period where upload and storage fees are free through the end of July 2006, four other superb bands will be featured during June 2006.

Future Wheel is already testing enhancements and expects to release another version quickly, along with a Mac version.

Pricing & Availability
The pricing structure is listed on the “Price List” page whose link appears on home page. Audio, Video, and image files are priced separately.

Future Wheel Band is available immediately at

*Tested on the windows operating system — Mac version to be included in the next release.

Press Contacts:

Kerry Klockner
Vice President of Marketing and Distribution
Future Wheel, LLC
425 898-0595

Craig Forss
Future Wheel, LLC
425 898-0595

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