SelectAlternatives AAN Papers See Double-Digit Revenue Growth

Study looks at 12 AAN papers' performance in Oct. 2007 versus Oct. 2006.

AAN papers using SelectAlternatives saw, on average, an 11.6 percent increase in revenues for October 2007 compared to October 2006.

The twelve AAN newspapers that have been using the SelectAlternatives local personals/social networking system for at least one year are: The Stranger; Portland Mercury; Chicago Reader; Washington City Paper; Salt Lake City Weekly; Austin Chronicle; Nuvo; Charleston City Paper and Seven Days.

Comparing October 2007 performance for the same papers to October 2006:

Total gross revenues increased 11.6 percent. Of the group, Seven Days enjoyed the highest percentage growth in revenues (39.3 percent), followed closely by the Austin Chronicle (35.4 percent).

Total new member profiles (ads) increased 17.2 percent.

Total unique visitors increased 18.1 percent.

Total page views increased 14.6 percent to 5.3 million.

The average age of users dropped from 33.8 in October 2006 to 32.3 in October 2007.

Of the total revenues, 66 percent came from regular personals, while 34 percent came from adult personals. 89 percent of the total revenue came from online users, while 11 percent came via the telephone.

On average, each visitor to the websites viewed 12.5 pages. And, each unique visitor generated an average of $0.30 in revenues.

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