Seven Days Capitalizes on Gannett’s Woes in Vermont

“It’s not about the bells and whistles on the page. It’s about doing business in Vermont,” former Seven Days columnist Shay Totten told the New York Times in a story about how Gannett’s daily, the Burlington Free Press, is losing circulation and advertisers. “That’s where Gannett misses the point.”

As Lynne Hefferon and Candice Swenson, both teachers, split a brownie at the August First cafe here, they complained about The Free Press‘s reduced content in print, sporadic delivery and long customer-service waiting times. Ms. Swenson said she was considering canceling the subscription she has had since 1974. Ms. Hefferon said she had canceled after 22 years and dropped it a second time after The Free Press offered her a Walmart gift card to come back. Both women have been reading Seven Days, a free alternative weekly, instead.

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