Seven Days Publisher Has “Intimate Encounter” With the Obamas

It wasn’t that kind of intimate encounter, but Paula Routly of Seven Days did run into the Obama family while biking on Martha’s Vineyard with her boyfriend last week.

After passing a family of bikers and noting that “everyone around here looks like Michelle Obama,” Routly was at first doubtful of her partner’s claim that this was the real deal. Then:

I looked over to see the cycling commander in chief right beside me, close enough to touch. His thin face appeared even more chiseled in a presidential bike helmet. Instead of the ridiculous “gear” favored by his predecessor, he wore a geeky polo shirt and long pants.

In a flash, the group — which included Malia and a bunch of Secret-Service guys on bikes — was gone, and the reality of this astonishingly intimate encounter with the First Family began to sink in.

Routly’s encounter would have been more impressive had a commenter not one-upped her with the following account:

A friend of mine once ran into MC Hammer in Times Square. All she could muster was “Holy S**t!” and he smiled and said, “Hi!.”

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