SF Bay Guardian Intellectual Assets Transferred To Non-Profit Led By Tim Redmond and Marke Bieschke

The San Francisco Center for Newspaper Preservation — a new non-profit organization led by former San Francisco Bay Guardian employees Tim Redmond and Marke Bieschke — has acquired the intellectual assets of the Bay Guardian:

Though the center is granted non-commercial use only (that means no ads, and no profit), the agreement does give the center’s heads Tim Redmond and Marke Bieschke full possession of the Bay Guardian‘s name, paper and digital archives, as well as the site sfbg.com.

Perhaps more importantly, Black Press (who publishes the San Francisco Examiner and SF Weekly) also gave the center permission to revive a San Francisco progressive mainstay: The Bay Guardian‘s “Clean Slate” endorsement guide.

“I’m thrilled that the Guardian‘s past will be safely preserved for the future,” Redmond told On Guard, “And I’m glad that the Guardian‘s voice on endorsements will be heard again.”

A post on the Bay Guardian website clarifies that, “the Bay Guardian won’t be revived as a weekly print newspaper, but will continue to do election endorsements and other special projects on the web.”

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