SF Weekly Loses Super Bowl Bet With Baltimore City Paper

SF Weekly is once again at the center of an alt-weekly battle, this time a friendly wager with Baltimore City Paper on the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII.

SF Weekly managing editor Brandon Reynolds made good on his bet with City Paper editor Evan Serpick by writing an “Ode to Baltimore” and posing in the winning team’s gear:

Reynolds had to create his own Ravens hat, as such accessories were understandably hard to come by in the Bay Area the day after our boys defeated theirs in the Super Bowl. If you look closely, you’ll see a solitary tear rolling down the editor’s cheek.

“You are a great American city at a time in which what that means is up for debate,” writes Reynolds in the letter that will run in both papers:

Baltimore, we recognize a kinship born of a certain solitude, for Charm City, like the City by the Bay, is an outsider. We are both particular in our ways: You eschew speaking the letter “t,” we eschew pants. Indeed, there is no city quite like either of us. We are not bound by region, or reason. You, Baltimore, like San Francisco, belong to no place so much as you belong to yourself.

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