Shepherd Express and Express Yourself Milwaukee Announce Partnership

Milwaukee, WI; February 18, 2008 — Working together synergistically, two progressive-minded organizations can change the world. The Shepherd Express and Express Yourself Milwaukee have agreed to pair up and apply this theory to the community that both call home — the ever changing and growing city of Milwaukee, WI.

While the Shepherd Express has been a Milwaukee institution for over 25 years, Express Yourself Milwaukee is off to a great start, celebrating its fifth year of introducing art, theater, music and dance to youth in Milwaukee. Following the success of the original Express Yourself Inc. (Boston, MA) program model, the Milwaukee chapter of EYM, Inc. also empowers at-risk youth through focused engagement in the arts and music community.

“This unique program will resonate deeply with our readers, and aligns perfectly with the types of issues that we not only cover here, but are passionate about.”
– Andy Vogel, vice president of advertising and online products, Shepherd Express

The initial goal of the partnership is to help raise program awareness through sponsored events, projects, and close communication with Milwaukee Public School students and families. Support for these expenditures will be aided by the Shepherd Express‘ very own website, where Express Yourself Milwaukee will have its own section.

“Express Yourself Milwaukee celebrates the power of creative arts to transform the lives of underserved youth in our city. We are excited by our new partnership. Our hopes are that the individuals and the business community will step forward and become part of our vision.” – Lori Vance, executive director/artistic coordinator, Express Yourself Milwaukee

Strong feelings lead to strong support at the Shepherd Express, which is why Express Yourself Milwaukee will by the 2008 partner charity of the year.

The Shepherd Express is an independent weekly newspaper available free at over 1,170 locations in southeastern Wisconsin. Having recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, the Shepherd Express also distributes the largest annual festival guides in Milwaukee, including the Milwaukee City Guide, all official Summerfest Guides, and guides to the Wisconsin State Fair and the Milwaukee International Film Festival. Serving nearly 300,000 readers in the Greater Milwaukee area, the Shepherd Express has the third-largest newspaper readership in all of Wisconsin.

For more information contact:
Andy Vogel