STOPP Coalition Up and Running to Fight Increase in Paper Costs

The Stop Tariffs on Printers & Publishers (STOPP) Coalition formally announced its formation today via this Press Release and the launch of a website designed to provide the public with information about the possibility of a clearly unwarranted tariff on imports of Canadian uncoated groundwood papers including newsprint and other papers.

AAN is one of a wide array of members of this Coalition. Others include: American Society of News Editors, Association of American Publishers, Association for Print Technologies, Book Manufacturer’s Institute, Catalyst Paper, Inland Press Association, Kruger, Local Search Association, National Newspaper Association, News Media Alliance, Printing Industries of America, Quad Graphics, Rayonier Advance Materials, Resolute Forest Products, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, Trusted Media Brands (formerly Readers Digest Association), Valassis Communications, and Worzalla.

These diverse organizations and companies have come together because the Department of Commerce has acted upon a petition filed by NORPAC, a single paper company based in the Pacific Northwest, seeking imposition of a tariff on the imported groundwood papers from Canada.  Despite the fact that NORPAC is an outlier in its own industry, Commerce released a preliminary determination on January 9 assessing countervailing duties on this uncoated groundwood.  These duties range from 4.4 to 9.9 percent with an average of 6.53 percent. Last week, Commerce announced it found that some Canadian producers are selling newsprint for up to 22 percent less than fair value.  The next step is for Commerce to issue a final determination, which will likely occur in August. The International Trade Commission is conducting its own investigation, which is expected to conclude in September.

As noted on the STOPP Coalition website, “the proposed tariffs will force our member companies to cut jobs not only at newspapers, commercial printing, and book publishing operations, but throughout the supply chain, such as paper manufacturers, ink suppliers, fuel producers, and equipment manufacturers.”  AAN members are urged to learn more about this issue, write about it and contact their members of Congress asking them to step in and oppose Commerce’s actions.  You can contact AAN Legal Counsel Kevin M. Goldberg at 703-812-0462 or for more information.