The Stranger to Publish Biweekly With Higher Page Count, Longer Features

The Stranger announced that will publish on a biweekly schedule starting this fall. The redesigned print edition will feature heavier paper stock, a higher page count, and expanded feature stories:

We know this is a big deal, and this is why we’re doing it: Local media has to constantly evolve to stay relevant to readers and valuable to advertisers. We have to make sure that we’re delivering our journalism in a medium-appropriate way. And today’s Stranger readers use our website and mobile apps to find out the latest in news, arts, politics, food, and music—content they read in a hurry and on the go. They take our print publications home to read our features, often saving them and referring to them repeatedly, and using them to make longer-range entertainment plans.

And for those wondering (reasonably so, it is a difficult time for many in the newspaper world): We are profitable, we have been growing financially for years, we have money in the bank, and we are not cutting staff.

See the full announcement at The Stranger.