The Sex-Positive Journalism Awards have announced the winners of the 2009 Sexies, the annual awards that go to stories that "improve the quality of dialogue around sex and create a more well-informed reading public." Seven Days' Judith Levine took home a first-place win in the Opinion category, where she also tied for second place with a Village Voice piece by Tristan Taormino. Amanda Hess of Washington City Paper picked up a third-place win in the Columns category for "The Sexist," while in the News/Features (Alt-Weeklies, Monthlies) category the Alibi's Marisa Demarco placed third and Rich Kane (OC Weekly) and Michael J. Mooney (New Times Broward-Palm Beach) both were named runners-up.

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The Burlington alt-weekly took home seven total awards in the Vermont Press Association's 2008 newspaper awards contest, including first prize in the non-daily newspapers General Excellence category. It marks the fourth time in five years the paper took home first in that category -- and the association didn't give awards one year. "At this point, it would be sort of embarrassing if we didn't win," associate publisher and online editor Cathy Resmer says. Seven Days also took home first place wins in the non-daily division for Best Local Story and Best Feature Story, and in combined competition for Arts Criticism.

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"This new, magazine-style iteration is the result of planning that predates the current recession," the paper says in a quick intro to the new design. The new format will be smaller, not folded and has the ability to have color on any page. The paper says that as a result of the switch, they are also saving a little money, which has allowed them to hire a third full-time staff writer. Seven Days also put together the video below to help explain the changes.

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Seven Days founder and co-editor Pamela Polston reports that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders reached out to her last week regarding the senator's recent inaccurate statements about the alt-weekly industry. "Bernie let me know that his office sends out 'hundreds' of releases every day and that 'I don't always read them carefully,'" Polston writes, noting that Sanders was a little defensive and thought AAN was making too much of his offhand remarks, given Sanders' work on media reform issues. "It was clear Bernie wasn't going to provide a written apology to AAN, but he did offer this: 'If I have offended anyone in the alternative media, I'm sorry for that.'"

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In his announcement yesterday about starting his own weekly internet TV show, the independent U.S. Senator from Vermont bemoaned media consolidation. Unfortunately, he also unfairly characterized alt-weeklies, claiming they "have been bought by a monopoly franchise and made a predictable shift to the right in their coverage of local news." In a letter responding to the Senator's claim, AAN president Mark Zusman and executive director Richard Karpel set the record straight, noting the absurdity of calling any alt-weekly a "monopoly franchise" and stating that "alternative newspapers across North America are still often among the few publications in their communities that consistently offer a progressive viewpoint on issues like poverty, racism, health-care reform and environmental sustainability."

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The Burlington, Vt., alt-weekly has entered into a content-sharing agreement with WPTZ NewsChannel 5. As part of this agreement, Seven Days contributors will appear twice a week during the station's 11 pm newscast. Elements of Shay Totten's political column will appear on Tuesday nights, in advance of the Seven Days' Wednesday distribution, and on Thursdays, music editor Dan Bolles will recommend upcoming events from "Notes on the Weekend," the paper's email newsletter.

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Communications consultant Michael Stoner spoke with Seven Days political columnist Shay Totten after following Totten's work during the same-sex marriage debate in Vermont. "There are always aspects of a story that can't be easily told in 140-character bursts," Totten says. "Tweets are components of a narrative, not the complete narrative. While I try to provide context while I live-Twitter, it's more appropriate to provide such contexts in a long form."

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As Vermont has debated gay marriage for the past few weeks, the alt-weekly has been reporting the details aggressively on the web. Seven Days political correspondent Shay Totten covered the floor debate using Twitter, and when the legislature held a public hearing and asked for testimony from Vermonters, staffers Cathy Resmer and Don Eggert moderated a live blog using a free service called CoverItLive. The paper has also been covering the debate on its staff blog.

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