An article by Shawn Levy in today's issue of The Oregonian calls the Longbaugh Film Festival -- sponsored by Willamette Week -- "the city's most ambitious festival of independent film from all over the world" and "doggedly glitter- and hype-free." The festival's creative director, Willamette Week film critic David Walker, will premiere his own feature film titled "Damaged Goods." The article doesn't mention if the film will reflect Walker's "characteristically pugnacious attitude."

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Willamette Week co-sponsored Candidates Gone Wild!, an event that allowed candidates for Portland City Council, mayor and the 1st Congressional District to set aside substance for shtick. The politicians participated in a talent show, sat through satirical short films and weathered a Q&A session filled with hard-hitting questions that Oregonian news writer Douglas Perry contends, "would make Bob Schieffer pass out." That aside, Perry judges the event an "aggressively issues-free evening" attended by an audience that "views the popular 'Girls Gone Wild' videos as a wholesome tradition."

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