Reporter staff writer Dave Maass has created a fictional zombie apocalypse in Santa Fe, using real information and scenarios. "To determine whether Santa Fe could prevent a zombie infection from expanding into a full-blown global zombie apocalypse," Maass interviewed scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory, emergency responders, a company that maps infectious disease spread, cops and dozens of others. The result: a multimedia cover story and web packages, including maps, videos, and a zombie photo shoot featuring Santa Fe's mayor. Watch the outbreak spread below:

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Reporter staff writer Dave Maass dominated the news writing category for Division 1 Weeklies (over 5,000 circulation) in the annual New Mexico Press Association newspaper contest. Maass won both first and second place in the category, making him the only winner in the category for Division 1. Additionally, SFR writer Zane Fischer placed first for column writing. The awards were announced at a banquet on Sunday.

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In the seventh installment of this year's "How I Got That Story" series, Santa Fe Reporter columnist Zane Fischer discusses his award-winning column, Zane's World, with Elena Brown. Fischer, who came to the alt-weekly world from the nonprofit sector, talks about the steep learning curve he faced starting out as a SFR columnist, how he comes up with ideas, and what he wishes more columnists would do. "Invoke a dialogue," he says. "One component of a column should be the continuous dialogue with the readers. It's all part of the process of building community."

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The production manager of the Santa Fe New Mexican says escalating paper prices are the result of last year's merger between major paper producers Abitibi and Bowater, the weak dollar and the increasing cost of the commodity used to make newsprint. Santa Fe Reporter publisher Andy Dudzik tells the New Mexican his paper is "absorbing" the price increases while "trying to be smarter about papers." (See Dudzik's comment by clicking on "Permalink/Comments" below.) He also says the Reporter recently started distributing in Albuquerque and the decision "has met with a favorable reception."

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That's what the New Mexico governor and erstwhile Democratic presidential hopeful said while accepting his "Best of Santa Fe" award for "Best Politician." Richardson said he's been an avid reader of the Reporter for many years, and said, tongue firmly planted in cheek, that he considered the paper the best because "they have excellent taste in politicians."

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The city will begin with one rack at City Hall, and then will accept public input before making a decision on extending the program to all city-owned property and right-of-ways (including sidewalks), according to Santa Fe Reporter columnist Zane Fischer. He argues that the program is a waste of time and money, and that the modular racks -- not individual news boxes -- are the real eyesores. "The neatness purchased by such an investment tends toward homogeneity rather than beauty," Fischer writes. "Santa Fe's dedication to retaining its distinctive appearance has been so enormous over the past century -- and its resistance to architectural progress remains so formidable -- that there is sad irony to be found in watching its difference be chipped away by small, aesthetic technicalities."

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In honor of Sunshine Week, which is March 16-22 this year, the Reporter has launched "version 2.0" of, "a toolshed of links and resources for digging up public records." The website began with a January cover story by Dave Maass and now features more than 200 links to databases and search engines that will help citizen watchdogs. The Reporter plans to continue growing the site, and welcomes all questions and additional links.

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Nine days after the Santa Fe Reporter revealed that the State Investment Office had $42.3 million tied up in "highest offender" corporations conducting business in Sudan, New Mexico became the 22nd state to commit to a divestment plan, according to the Reporter. "We are also sending a strong message to the corporate world that New Mexico will not accept investment profits that come at the expense of innocent lives lost to genocide," state investment officer Gary Bland says in a press release.

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