Former AAN member Hour magazine, an English-language Montreal weekly, will indeed launch a revamped publication known as Hour Community this week. The new publication "will provide substantial space to activities, festivals and other events organized by Montreal's various anglophone communities" as well as "cultural news coverage," according to a press release.

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"A lot's changed since Hour's inaugural issue on Feb. 4, 1993, notably what constitutes an 'alternative' weekly," editor-in-chief Jamie O'Meara writes. "But a little soul searching is never a bad thing -- it makes you better and, hopefully, stronger." In her column introducing the special anniversary issue, O'Meara says the paper has come to be inextricably tied to the communities it serves. "In an era of mostly borderless, reflexive information sharing, it's more important than ever to have boots on the ground, and to remember that there are still smaller communities within this larger global community of ours that need tending to," she writes. "And that's where we at Hour find our strength."

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