Scott Jordan is leaving the Lafayette, La., paper at the end of the month to become communications director for the Louisiana Democratic Party. Prior to joining the Independent at its inception, he worked at Gambit Weekly for five years. "This fall's elections, both statewide and national, promise to be historic," Jordan says. "And after 15 years of working as a journalist and editor, I've decided I want to be directly involved in politics in a different role." Kevin Allman, blogging for the Gambit, congratulates Jordan on his new role, and adds: "We hope never to have to write 'Scott Jordan, spokesman for the state Democratic party, did not respond to a request for comment.'"

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"My belief in the importance of impassioned, personal, and informed writing and editing became even more clear after Katrina and Rita unfolded," Editor Scott Jordan writes in the hurricane-anniversary issue of Lafayette, Louisiana's The Independent Weekly. Jordan describes the experiences of local journalists and argues the need for continued coverage of the area by national media (and fellow alt-weeklies). The anniversary issue also includes articles by three former Gambit Weekly writers -- Shala Carlson, Katy Reckdahl and Michael Tisserand.

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