AIDS Walk Boston, which took place last weekend, turned 25 this year, and to mark the milestone, walk organizer AIDS Action honored 25 individuals whose contributions to the fight against AIDS have been invaluable. Phoenix publisher Bradley Mindich was one of them. He was lauded for his decision to distribute safer sex kit in every issue of the paper in 1987, as well as the Phoenix's long association with the AIDS Walk. After distributing the kit, Mindich was called a "murderer" in the pages of the Boston Herald and Boston Archdiocese newspaper The Pilot for making birth control freely available, according to AIDS Action.

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As pressure mounts on Craigslist to tighten its erotic advertising policies in the wake of masseuse Julissa Brisman's death, Rhode Island's attorney general has expanded his focus to include But publisher and chairman Stephen Mindich isn't backing down. "I'm not apologizing for carrying adult advertising," he tells the Boston Herald. “What are you going to do? Take down the entire Internet?” ... (Brisman) wasn’t killed by an ad, but by a person."

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The Globe's thesis is that "falling advertising revenue" is forcing weekly papers to "scale back dramatically." But Phoenix Media/Communications Group president Bradley Mindich says his publications don't fit that mold. "We are not cutting back," he tells reporter Johnny Diaz, who nevertheless intimates that the Boston Phoenix is using less color and sharing film reviews with its newly-acquired Spanish-language weekly to save money. "We actually have more color now" and cutting expenses is not the primary reason his papers are sharing content, Mindich tells AAN News. Weekly Dig publisher Jeff Lawrence says the story was mostly accurate but that it suffered from faulty framing: "Our business model is intentionally evolving -- not reacting to the economy," he tells AAN News.

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In an interview with New England Ethnic News, Brad Mindich explains why, when other media companies are slashing staff, he thought buying Boston's El Planeta newspaper was a good move. "This is a good niche product that expands what we do," he says, adding that the new acquisition will retain complete editorial control but will share content with the group's other titles when it makes sense. When asked why Phoenix Media chose El Planeta over other Spanish-language publications, Mindich says: "If you look at the other Hispanic newspapers published in this area, with all due respect, they are not very good." That comment has raised the ire of said publications.

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Both the Boston Phoenix and Boston's Weekly Dig have been "a springboard" for journalists from the university, BU Daily reports. Among the alums on the Beantown alt-weekly scene are Phoenix founder Stephen Mindich and senior managing editor Clif Garboden; Dig art director Tak Toyoshima and staff writer Chris Faraone; and countless others, including former Phoenix reporter Kristen Lombardi, who broke the story of Cardinal Bernard Law's protection of pedophile priests, and former Phoenix media critic Mark Jurkowitz, who is currently the associate director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. "[BU] is a great resource for us," says Dig publisher Jeff Lawrence. "These kids come out with great energy and a sense that they want to do something different."

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Judge Maria Lopez's eponymous show will join the ranks of syndicated daytime courtroom shows on Monday, the Provincetown Banner reports. Lopez is a former Massachusetts Superior Court judge and the wife of Phoenix Media Communications Group Publisher Stephen Mindich.

Related: Mindich tells the Lowell Sun that Lopez is "having the best time of her life."

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Morris' upcoming retirement was announced Thursday morning via an e-mail from Brad Mindich (pictured) to employees of the Phoenix Media/Communications Group that was subsequently posted on senior writer Mark Jurkowitz's blog. Morris has worked for the company for 36 of its 40 years. "I find it a bit strange for me to be the one making this announcement," writes Mindich. "Barry has known me since I was a baby, known me well enough to have watched me taking baths in the sink of my family’s small West Roxbury apartment." Mindich is the son of Phoenix publisher and founder Stephen Mindich and has served as executive vice president for three years. Morris tells Jurkowitz that he's looking forward to new challenges, but adds, "It's very possible I can still play a role in the company."

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